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Apple computers (imac), is it good in games?

Are apple computers good in games?

Apple computers (imac), is it good in games?norton antivirus 2007

all macs are rubbish at playing games.

Apple computers (imac), is it good in games?product key

most games are designed for Windows computers.
most of the games are made for a windows PC. the games that are made for mac rune just fine on an imac, but there aren't many.
For any games worth your time go with a windows PC

Do computers 鈥榣earn from experience鈥?

Do computers (artificial intelligence) 鈥榣earn from experience鈥?

Do computers 鈥榣earn from experience鈥?norton antivirus

Not unless they are programmed to understand something as ''experience'' and to adapt their behaviour in the light of it.

For example, a good piece of chess software might know that the last time it played a particular combination of moves, it lost eventually. So it might include this ''experience'' in deciding what moves to make in a similar position in future.

Do computers 鈥榣earn from experience鈥?security

Not the computers but programmers learn from experience and they keep modifying the program as per requirement
unfortunatly no. although u can program them 2.

i really wish my laptop learnt from experience though
nope computers are as dumb as dumb can be , depends on who operates/programs them !!
No, it depends on the brainware (user)

Which is more virus prone: Apple Computers or Microsoft Computers?

By Microsoft Computers I mean computers that use Windows.

Which is more virus prone: Apple Computers or Microsoft Computers?norton ghost

Microsoft Computers.

Apple's main core is built upon Unix, which is much more secure than what Windows is built upon.

Which is more virus prone: Apple Computers or Microsoft Computers?software

Yeah I've always heard that PC's (comps running Windows) have 99% of viruses directed at em. I use Vista and at the moment am researching on how to keep it safe, there are ways. Both have their flaws but I've always heard that Mac's are safer...
It would definitely Micrsoft operating systems. This is due to the massive amounts of users and the security holes in most of the Windows OS'
obviously microsoft only windows. windows supports .exe files and virus are running on .exe files so microsoft computers are more risky
Apple or MAC computers use a system entirely different from windows...

Windows utilizes the use of a ''Registry'' which is something like a big log book which contains all the addresses of each file and which program uses them.

MAC on the other hand uses multiple files instead so even if a virus deletes a file, the system will still function.

Windows is more prone because once it's security is breached, one flick at the registry and it's all gone. Also, there are hundreds of thousands or millions of viruses for windows and only a few known for apple computers...
both are equally prone to viruses. The only difference is that there are more people actively looking for loopholes in the Microsoft system, and very few looking for loopholes in Apple's system.

Dell computers uk only?

hi do dell computers come with the vista cd software

i bought laptop 6 months old seller said it comes with all software and drivers

theres no vista cd

everything else ???

thanks for any replies

Dell computers uk only?norton internet security 2008

you SHOULD get a recovery disk. if not,call dell and complain,they'll send you one.

Someone who know about computers???

so i just got this computer from a guy who works with my dad and builds computers...well anyway, i tried to bump some jams and then this error message popped up:

''there are no active media devices available.


what the hell man.

i wanna jam!!!



Someone who know about computers???norton

Did he remove the music player? Sounds to me like you're missing windows media player, or quicktime. You need a program to play the music.

Someone who know about computers???spyware remover

Im not quite sure what your're asking, but I'll try. Im going to assume that you may not have either A) a media player downloaded to your computer or B) you may have a media device, ex. Ipod, that your computer is not recognizing. If it's A, I would recommend which is a website that offers FREE downloads of all kinds. Including media players and audio production. Of course, Im basing this off of what I'm assuming about your question.
You have to download a media player - itunes, Windows media player, etc. Does it have swpeakers? If it doesn't, you can't jam.
you have to install a media device. if its windows get windows media player
install music player or quick time or both.
Open the PC's skin. Plug the Sound card tightly. Or try installing some software
We knida need to know how you are going about playing the music.

online, cd, etc.

You prolly need to install a software program that can play it. Windows has errything!!
You'll just have to marmalade

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  • Free, computers and monitors?

    I want to give away some older computers and monitors.

    I am in the Toronto area. They all work. Also printers for parts.

    Free, computers and monitors?nortonantivirus

    Try this

    How to connect two computers Through Lan?

    I have a winxp and a wimdows vista computer .

    plzz tell me how to connect both the computers so that i can transfer files from one to the other using LAN.

    plzz tell me in detail.

    How to connect two computers Through Lan?noton

    connect both the computers with a utp cable and then right click on the network places icon on desktop and go to properties. Select auto detect settings and apply. Go to my computer properties and open computer identification tab define a computer name different for both the computers. and define same workgroup name for both the computers. Open network places and click on view workgroup computers. Also enable sharing to your partitions which you want to open on other computer.

    How to connect two computers Through Lan?stinger

    don't bother with the lan. get youself a flash drive. you get less headache.